Looking to establish themselves in the competitive women’s online clothing industry, asked me to design and build them a stylish and accessible E-commerce site.

Owned and run by a mother and daughter, wanted to set themselves apart from other online clothing stores. Together we achieved this in several ways. Visually, by using black as the base colour (instead of white, favoured by a majority of their competitors) and functionally, by including the ability to filter dresses depending on what part of your body you wish to cover. These two distinctive elements were combined with all of the staples of a great e-commerce store to ensure can compete in an ever expanding market.

Built on WordPress, with the woocommerce plugin providing the core e-commerce functionality, was designed to be clean, clear and easy to navigate. Large product pictures, bold product titles, bright pink highlights and Stripe card payment integration give the site a modern contemporary feel and pair nicely with the carefully selected products on offer.

As eventually the plan is for to have hundreds of products available it was important to ensure that the site was scalable and that there was lots of way to filter through the available options. As such, customers can filter products by size, colour, style, price, what part of their body they wish to cover as well as viewing products in newest to oldest order.

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