Black Fox Management

Despite managing platinum selling artists, Black Fox Management felt their logo and website were lacking a more professional feel. I provided them with a refreshed logo, and a stylish, modern, minimalist website that better reflects their growing success.

To begin with I met with Black Fox Management to discuss what they were looking for in their new website. They wanted something very minimal in design, but that still allowed them to list their current roster, contact information and a biography of the company.

In keeping with the minimalist brief I decided to forgo having a standard menu on every page and instead use the home page as a central hub that would link to the roster, contact and about pages, more like a web app than a website.

As they were happy with the fox silhouette logo mark from their old logo they asked me to incorporate this into the new logo. I started by providing them with several flash sheets of logo options so that they could feedback with what they liked. I used this feedback to influence further flash sheets and we repeated this process until we hit upon the final design. Lastly, Black Fox Management asked me to incorporate a shade of blue into the logo, and to carry this highlight colour through to the website as well.

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