Objects Of Desire

An online archive of gifts given to sex workers that acts as an extension to the ‘Objects Of Desire’ art exhibitions, a series of exhibitions that hope to change societal attitudes towards sex workers.

Unlike most of the other websites that I have designed, the Objects Of Desire site needed to break some of the unwritten rules of website UI. This was to better reflect the artistic nature of the project, to stoke the curiosity of the end user and to invoke a sense of discovery that one might feel whilst going through a physical archive.


To maintain this sense of discovery, each object is given an ‘archive number’ that is generated automatically. This archive number is then used in place of the object’s name on the main archive page (until an item is hovered, where the object name is revealed). Once a user has clicked through to an individual object other related objects are listed at the bottom of the page, displayed using their archive number and not the object name, to further encourage exploration of the archive.

As Objects Of Desire is an ongoing art project, I included a form where people could anonymously contribute objects to the archive and also a page where the team at Objects Of Desire could list upcoming exhibitions.

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