Old Bones

The second EP from the band that I fronted for almost a decade, Yearbook. It was self funded, self produced and self released. I was involved in every aspect of the release, from writing the songs to directing the artwork.

Released on March 5th 2014, after a year of hard graft, Old Bones was a massive step forward for Yearbook as a whole. It was the first time that we had taken on every part of the production cycle (something that would become a common theme as we moved forward). I conceived of the artwork before a single song was written. The skeleton featured on the front is a full size de-articulated skeleton that is normally sold to colleges and universities.

Before we could take the final shots that made up the artwork, I had to sand every single bone and stain them with a mixture of coffee, soy sauce and tea. In total it took over 200 hours to sand every one down and stain them. After that we buried them outside and dug them up just before we needed them. The final picture was taken by my friend Alan Clarkson. He also took care of the design and artworking because he is an excellent guy.

Feel free to listen to the EP below:

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