RCR Tuition

A clean and clear brochure website for RCR Tuition in Brighton. Designed to be bright, easy to read and great for SEO.

As a freelance tutoring company it was very important that RCR Tuition had a website & logo that gave parents the confidence that they were the right match to help their children. Although their old website & logo were perfectly functional, they lacked the professional appeal they wanted.


RCR tuition were keen to keep as much of the content from their old site as possible, which meant that I had to find a way to present the information in a fresh and clear way. To do this I split the page into two sections, a main content area and a dynamic sidebar. The main content area has all of the pertinent information to that page, and the sidebar pulls in information from across the other pages to make sure that important information is displayed on every page, without doubling up any information.

To finalise the company refresh I designed a new logo for RCR Tuition that fitted with the ‘bright and clear’ ethos that had driven the design of the website. The mortarboard illustration can also be used independently as a logo mark and favicon.

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