Sofab Concierge

Sofab Concierge offer premium concierge services to their global client base. They felt that their initial website, built in 2012, no longer reflected or met their business needs.

I was tasked with bringing Sofab’s online presence up to the same standard as the services that they offer to their global client base. Creating a premium feeling site requires carefully considering lots of smaller elements that might otherwise go untouched.

For instance, I tried lots of different page transitions to make sure that moving to a different page was as smooth as it could be. Once a link is clicked, the page fades out and up before the next page fades in. I played around with the speed of this transition. Too fast and it lacked the premium feel I was after, too slow and it became a hindrance when browsing.

As with all of my sites I made sure that visitors accessing the site through mobiles and tablets would get the same premium experience as those who visited on a desktop. This is especially important for a luxury holiday company such as Sofab Concierge whose clients are often on the move or between holiday spots.

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