Tack Studio

Having already established themselves as leaders in the field of independent publishing with their magazines Disegno and Jocks&Nerds, Tack Press took the bold step of launching Tack Studio, an independent creative agency.

I worked closely with the team at Tack Studio to create a site that balanced large bright images with white space, to allow maximum visual impact for their work. To counteract the white space and to bring some warmth back into the site we agreed on a single bold colour for all of the highlights and hover effects.


As the site was going to be updated regularly with studio news and projects, it was important that visitors could search through content quickly. We addressed this issue in two ways.

Firstly, the portfolio grid was designed to include the ability to filter results by discipline, quickly narrowing down displayed portfolio items so that visitors can find what they are looking for with ease. Secondly, a separate live search feature was added to the site, which brings up results based on keywords as you type. This means that returning visitors to the Tack Studio site can easily find the work they have seen previously, increasing the likelihood of them sharing that work with others.

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