Kay & Co

Kay & Co are a London based premium estate agency owned by the investment firm Berkshire Hathaway. I was approached by Roar Digital to refresh the design of their site, with a focus on making the design feel more premium/high end and improving the user experience.

Visit site: kayandco.com

I started by suggesting a minor change to the colour palette weighting. Prior to the redesign the site was overly reliant on the brand cream, with only some elements coloured in the purple. Although this purple worked to highlight calls to actions and links, the over use of the cream left the site looking washed out, plain and, most worryingly for Kay & Co, cheap.

The new suggested palette made the brand purple more prominent, and also brought in some alternative purple shades as well to extend the palette further. This instantly lifted the brand and elevated the design into the more premium space that Kay & Co’s users would expect.

To coincide with this more professional look and feel, I designed new custom iconography for Kay & Co to use across the site.

Once these new brand elements were in place, it was time to start thinking about how to solve some of the pain points Kay & Co were finding with their old site design.

Their number one frustration was the low number of valuations requests they received through the site. This was partly due to a lack of valuation calls to action, and also due to poor placement of those that were there.

To remedy this, I first made sure that there was a strong valuation CTA in the primary navigation, meaning users who are looking for this can find it quickly and with little searching required.

Next, I looked over the most visited pages on the site to see where a valuation CTA would work best. The property search listing page was both one of the most visited on the site, and also a perfect opportunity to intercept the users with a valuation CTA, as anyone who was looking to purchase a house likely had one to sell as well. To make the valuation stand out without detracting from the listing itself I chose to embed the valuation directly into the listing, but only on the first page of results. This way, all users would see it, but it wouldn’t become irritating when doing a more extensive property search on the site.

Another frustration that Kay & Co highlighted was the poor UI of the property search filters. It featured a cluttered and confusing array of sliders and radio buttons. To begin with, I removed all the sliders as they offered a poor experience on mobile. These were replaced with dropdowns for the minimum and maximum price, with the available price points increasing exponentially and with radio buttons for number of rooms selector.

To make sure that the search filters were not too long, many of the more advanced searching options are hidden initially but can be toggled open. Only the most important search filters are available at first: rent/buy option, location search (with an autocomplete feature), price range and if the results should include sold properties or not. This satisfies most peoples searching requirements, so allows a majority of users to search without opening the advanced search options.

Lastly, an intelligent ‘related searches’ list is included at the bottom of the filters. This helps users to see other searches that might be similar, and works as an additional ‘upsell’ opportunity for Kay & Co.

The property detail pages were also replaced wholesale, with a new more modern design. At the price point that Kay & Co sell at, personal relationships are very important. Each property is managed by a property contact, and making sure that these were front and centre was paramount to the success of the design.

To do this, I proposed having a contact card close to the top of the property details page, and suggested including a headshot of the staff member who would be dealing with the property.

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