Performers Without Borders

Performers Without Borders are an international children’s charity that focusses on teaching children through performing arts. Having just celebrated their first decade as a charity, they felt that their old logo and website was no longer fit for purpose, and was holding them back from securing important funding for their future.

The new brand guidelines and logo I produced are modern, colourful, playful and most importantly much more adaptable for use online and in print than before. The new logo includes a logomark that can be used on its own when needed, and several variations for use on different backgrounds. Once the new brand guidelines and logo were completed, I started work bringing those elements to life with their new website.

An image showing the home page of the new Performers Without Borders website on three devices: An Imac, an Ipad and an Iphone.

Built using the WordPress CMS, the bespoke Performers Without Borders theme includes everything that they need and room for them to grow and add elements to the site when needed. Featuring custom posts types for their yearly tours of India and Africa and a blog with the ability to have guest authors (so volunteers can add blogs whilst on tours) the new website combines together their previously separate site and blog into one online hub.

An image showing how the volunteering page on the new Performers Without Borders page looks on a Macbook Pro.

To make sure that maintaining and adding to their site was as simple as possible, I designed and built a custom page builder for the site, so that new pages could be added quickly and easily when needed. Also included in the site are several contact forms for contacting different parts of the charity, an onsite donation form for donating to Performers Without Borders directly, the ability to filter blog posts by relevant tour or year and a team member listing module that allows for each team member to have their bio and contact details available if they choose to.

Three mobile phones showing how the new Performers Without Borders website looks. From left to right, a single tour page, the home page hero carousel's first slide and the homepage hero carousel's second slide.

The new website and branding I provided has helped Performers Without Borders grow their online presence, and has given them a solid foundation for the next decade of their work as a charity.

The more modern and professional look now puts them in a position to apply for government funding for their work in the UK, something that previously seemed impossible.

An image showing the new Performers Without Borders logo, which features an icon representing a person juggling three different coloured balls.

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