Starting out as an online blog (that I also built), Wonkypeach has now grown to be an online stationary retailer stocking cards, posters, pins, pencils and notepads. They needed a simple to use E-commerce solution, and wanted to keep the blog element that I had already built for them.

As the blog had been built using WordPress, it made sense to find an E-commerce solution that fitted in seamlessly with our past work. For this I chose the popular WordPress plugin ‘Woocommerce’, and modified it to fit in with the design of the Wonkypeach blog. Uploading new products is simple and quick, as is keeping track of current stock levels and orders.


An image showing the new Wonkypeach website on an Imac. The page showing is the homepage.

Alongside the shift in focus, I also redesigned the Wonkypeach logo as the previous logo was less adaptable to physical packaging. Working alongside Emma at Wonkypeach, I found a bold, simple and flexible wordmark that stands out amongst their competitors who tend to use similar looking handwritten fonts for their logos.

An image showing how three pages of the new Wonkypeach website look on iphones. From left to right: the basket page, the single product page after a product has been added to the basket and a single blog post (this one is titled 5 of the best vegan food places in New York).

The new Wonkypeach E-commerce site is bold and eye catching, with all the functionality required of a modern online shop.

By keeping the design of the new shopping sections of the site similar to the blog we had already built, the blogging part of the site could be kept as it is, so no search visibility was lost, which allowed Wonkypeach to leverage the popularity of its blog for the new store.

An image showing how the new Wonkypeach website looks on a Macbook Pro. The page it is showing is the 'We Love' page, that has a grid of different images linking to products that Wonkypeach loves.

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